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Menopause Health Center

It's something every woman can expect to experience. Whether you're young and don't expect to experience menopause for years or you're a hot flash veteran, you should know what you can do to keep fit and prevent illness as you age. Dr. Donnica's Menopause Health Center can help you do just that! Browse the list below and click on the links to read articles, FAQ's, Decisionnaires, and radio transcripts, or to listen to specific Women's Health Reports.
Menopause 101
Menopause And Sex
Menopause: What If Estrogen Is Not For You?
Not Your Motherís Menopause: Tips to Manage your Menopause Naturally
Itís Not All In Your Head: What To Do About Subtle Changes As You Age
Premature Ovarian Failure
Preventive Health Issues
The Impact Of Incontinence
Today on DrDonnica.com
Hormone Replacement Therapy Increases the Risk of Breast Cancer
Menopause and Depression
September is Menopause Awareness Month
Bladder Infections
Causes and Treatment of Depression
Clinical Trials For Women
Debunking Myths About the Pap Smear
Debunking Myths About Fibroids
Debunking Myths About Incontinence
Debunking Myths About Osteoporosis
Debunking The Myths About Birth Control Pills
Dr. Donnicaís Top Ten Tips For PMS Management
Estrogen Plus Progestin And The Risk Of Coronary Heart Disease
Fibroids And The Pill
Fish Odor Syndrome
Hair Loss In Women
Hair Loss in Women
Happy Chanukah!† (save the oil)
Having A Heart Attack?† Act In Time!
Heart Healthy For The HolidaysóHypertension
Hormone Therapy And The Progression Of Coronary-Artery Atherosclerosis In Postmenopausal Women
HRT Increases The Risk Of Dementia
New Report on Hot Flashes
October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Ovarian Cancer
Pap Smear Myths and Misconceptions
PMS AND PMDD:†Whatís The Difference?
Stress Urinary Incontinence
The Treatment of Fibroids
The WHI Findings on the Risk of Breast Cancer with Postmenopausal Hormone Therapy
Uterine Cancer
What are Fibroids?
What Are The Risk Factors For Colon Cancer?
What is CRP?
What is Osteoarthritis?
What is Rheumatoid Arthritis?
How Do You Know If You're a Candidate for Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)?
Menopause Decisionnaire
Premature Menopause Decisionnaire
Healthy Women Over 40 Decisionnaire
Heart Attack Decisionnaire
Osteoporosis Decisionnaire
Secondary Infertility Decisionnaire
Debunking Myths
Menopause Myths
Premature Menopause Myths
Myths About Fibroids
Osteoporosis Myths
Frequently Asked Questions
Connection Between Hormone Replacement Therapy and Asthma
Early Perimenopause
Endometrial Polyps, the Pill & Menopause
Getting Help for Early Menopause and Depression
Lupus and Menopause
Managing Perimenopause
Menopause and Contraception
Menopause at 43
Menopause, Depression & HRT
Migraine and Menopause
Migraines and Menopause
Perimenopause at 31
Perimenopause or Pregnancy
Premature Menopause
Treating Significant Menopause Symptoms
Bone Density Tests and Differing Results
Carbonated Water and Calcium
Clinical Trials
Colon Cancer Risk Reduction
Constipation from Calcium Supplements
Discontinuing Premarin
Estrogen & Breast Cancer
Female Pattern Baldness
Fibrocystic Breasts, Caffeine and Estrogen
Heart Attack Prevention
High Blood Pressure
Hot Flashes
Hot Flashes and Calorie Burning
HRT And The Risk Of Breast Cancer
HRT Duration
Hypothyroidism & PMDD
Irregular Periods
Loss of Sexual Desire After Hysterectomy
Ovarian Cancer
Perimenopausal Spotting in a Heavy Smoker
Persistent Body Odor
Premarin (conjugated estrogen)
Premature Ovarian Failure and Hormone Levels
Premature Ovarian Failure and HRT
Risk Factors for Heart Attack & Heart Disease, Part I
Rosacea and Desonide Cream
Soy And Acne
Spotting Between Periods
Sudden Appearance Of Facial Hair
The Difference Between Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis
Treating Uterine Fibroids
Treating Vaginal Dryness
Uterine Artery Embolization
What it Might Mean When Your Period Stops
Guest Experts
Black Cohosh: A Safe Alternative For Menopause Symptom Management, by Maida Taylor, MD
New Transdermal Options in Managing Menopause Allow for Better Individualization of Therapy, by Alan M. Altman, M.D.
Aspirin, Your Heart and You, by Cynthia D. Mulrow, MD
Help Your Incontinence Today! by Dr. Cecile Storrie
Mammography For Women 40 And Over, by Janet D. Allan, Ph.D., R.N., C.S.
The Latest Facts About Premature Ovarian Failure, by Michael Heard, MD
What You Should Know About Lasik, by Peter S. Hersh, M.D.
Celebrity Speak Out
"Graduation into Menopause", with singer Patti Labelle
"Menopause and Treatment Options", by actress Cheryl Ladd
"Menopause", by supermodel Lauren Hutton
"The Importance of Osteoporosis Testing", by award-winning actress Rita Moreno
Beverly Johnson Spotlights Hysterectomy Awareness
Fran Drescher Announces Campaign For Womenís Health
Ming-Na Prescribes Breast Cancer Awareness
Miss USA Supports Ovarian Cancer Awareness
Books & Tapes
Books and Tapes
Press Releases
DrDonnica.com Launches Clinical Trials Listing
Health Centers
Menopause Health Center
Arthritis Center
Osteoporosis Health Center
Reproductive Health Center
Sexuality Health Center
Women's Health Resources
Choosing a Health Care Provider
Snoring and Deviated Septums

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Boston Menopause Survey

Columbus Menopause Survey

Denver Menopause Survey

Dr. Donnica Participates in KnowMenopause.com

Hormone Replacement Therapy: How Does A Woman Decide? by Sophia Cariati

Menopause Guidebook Available from NAMS
Fast Facts on Sleep Disorders

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