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Privacy Policy

While it is important to us to get to know you so that we may provide you with pertinent, up to date information that speaks to your specific needs and interests, we recognize that preserving privacy is essential. At DrDonnica.com, we are firmly committed to protecting your privacy. It is our goal to honor and, whenever possible, exceed the legal requirements of medical and health information privacy statutes. DrDonnica.com follows the eHealth Code of Ethics and subscribes to the Health on the Net Foundation's Code of Conduct for Medical and Health Websites.

Our Pledge:

In support of our commitment to preserving your privacy, we pledge the following:

  • No personally identifying information will be obtained from a site visitor without his or her prior consent. Furthermore, such information will never be disclosed to third parties without the visitor's informed consent.
  • In the event that DrDonnica.com needs personally identifying information in order to provide a site visitor with content tailored to their specific needs, the visitor will be asked for the information and fully informed of the reasons for such disclosure.
  • From time to time, DrDonnica.com may collect general information such as page view statistics and the demographics of site visitors as a group to share with site partners. None of this information will include any personal identifiers without the express permission of the visitor. Visitor information is always sent through encrypted channels and stored in a secure database.
  • If, at any time, DrDonnica.com sees fit to make changes to its privacy policies, all registered visitors will be contacted via email and informed of the specifics of such changes.
  • Forms of Information Retrieval:

    DrDonnica.com, like most web sites, gathers general information in several ways that are not explicitly announced:

  • Cookies. When a visitor accesses DrDonnica.com, a cookie is added to the visiting computer's browser files. Cookies are text files that act as record keepers so that when a visitor returns to a site, the site is able to deliver slightly more specific information. For example, if a visitor has already been shown a specific message when viewing pages on the site, cookies will record that fact and the message will not be repeated. While cookies contain no personal information, they do allow DrDonnica.com to connect the visitor with any personal information he or she may have expressly provided.
  • Logging IP addresses. When a visitor accesses pages on DrDonnica.com, the site's servers add the visitor's IP address to a log. An IP address is the number assigned to your computer by your Internet Service Provider. IP addresses are not associated with personally identifying information.
  • Registration. A visitor may wish to register with DrDonnica.com in order to avail themselves of customized content. The visitor may provide as much or as little information as they see fit and will always have the option of editing or deleting such information. Some demographic information may be shared with partners and advertisers, but it will never be linked with personally identifying information without the prior informed consent of the visitor.
  • Guidelines for Parents:

    When registering with DrDonnica.com, visitors under 18 years of age are encouraged to obtain permission from a parent or guardian before providing any personal information. Parents and guardians should be aware of the fact that information supplied via email, chat or forums has the potential to be used by third parties to establish contact with their child. Please spend some time with your child discussing the importance of privacy and the risks involved in sharing personal information over the Internet.

    Contacting Us:

    Please feel free to contact us at any time should you have questions or concerns about our privacy policy, or if you wish to make changes to or delete your registration information. We can be contacted in the following ways:


    Technical Support

    Investor Relations


    All the content contained herein is copyrighted pursuant to federal law. Duplication or use without
    the express written permission of DrDonnica.com subjects the violator to both civil & criminal penalties.
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