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Hope Award

Rachael Hunter and Lauren Hutton are not just super models...but super role models for women concerned about taking care of their health. Dr. Donnica has spoken on several occasions with both of them about issues ranging from contraception to menopause. They are both true champions of women's health. Here celebrities share their perspectives on various health challenges they've chosen to champion. Check out the list below to see what the celebrities have to say.

From left to right: Rachael Hunter, Dr. Donnica and Lauren Hutton.

Christina Aguilera Promotes HIV/AIDS Awareness

Christina Aguilera sells millions of CDs combining her astounding vocal talent with provocative fashion and music. As a spokesperson for the MAC AIDS Fund, Aguilera hopes she commands even more attention with her message of AIDS awareness. "I think this whole topic of AIDS is something that can be taken very lightly in the world today, especially in the younger generation," says the Grammy-winning Aguilera. The UN and the World Health Organization (WHO) estimate that nearly 42 million people were living with HIV at the end of 2003, including 5 million new infections.

Clay Aiken Idolizes Kids With Developmental Disabilities

Clay Aiken became a national sensation on the hit show American Idol. But while music may be his bread and butter for now, Aiken's real passion is giving a voice to children with developmental disabilities. "I fell in love with working with the kids," says Aiken. "Kids with autism and developmental disabilities think differently, their view of the world is much more pure and innocent." According to Best Buddies International, nearly eight million Americans have intellectual disabilities, formerly termed mental retardation.

Tim Allen Gives Gifts Of Fitness

Every holiday season we suggest some of the best health gifts you can give to the loved ones in your life. This year we got a little extra help from Santa himself -- or the next best thing -- Santa Clause 2 star Tim Allen. In fact, Allen came up with a list himself over-flowing with coveted fitness presents.

"Osteoporosis", by Mrs. America 2002, Laurett Ellsworth Arenz

Mrs. Laurett Ellsworth Arenz, Mrs. America 2002, is passionate regarding her mission: To alert the women of America to the potentially debilitating bone disease, osteoporosis.

"The Cause for Cancer Research and Clinical Studies", by Three-Time Tour de France Winner Lance Armstrong

Celebrity Guest, Bicyclist, Lance Armstrong established The Lance Armstrong Foundation to promote cancer research and awareness, and, together with his foundation, partnered with Bristol-Myers Squibb to create the Cycle of Hope, an education campaign that helps people with cancer, those at risk, and their loved ones turn their fears about cancer into hope.

Denise Austin Solves Women's Fitness Problems

Fitness instructor and author Denise Austin's usual outfit for her show and videos is the kind of form-fitting attire many women avoid. But with appropriate exercise and a modest diet, areas that concern many women - the hips, thighs, and buttocks - can be toned, reshaped, and trimmed."

"Obesity", by actor Michael Badalucco

Actor Michael Badalucco discusses obesity.

Corbin Bernsen Rules In Favor Of Aspirin

LA Law alum Corbin Bernsen plays to win. But while he was "executed" on Celebrity Mole: Hawaii, one thing Bernsen won't be quitting any time soon is his aspirin therapy."I've actually already been on a Bayer aspirin regimen for the last eight years or so," Bernsen says. "My dad had a stroke. It's one of those life-changing events."

"Hollywood Hopes For Final Go-Round With Diabetes" With Actress Halle Berry

While Halle Berry is unique in many ways, she shares the diagnosis of having Type II or Adult Onset diabetes with approximately 14 million other Americans including numerous celebrities from Larry King to Patti LaBelle.

Valerie Bertinelli Gives Thanks For Walking

Valerie Bertinelli is hitting her stride again. After beginning a new life apart from Eddie Van Halen, she's just finished a new television movie, and has a new fitness workout she absolutely loves. "I took up walking," says Bertinelli, who is best known for her starring role on television's "One Day at a Time". By combining weight-bearing exercise and walking, Bertinelli is enjoying aerobic heart benefits, weight loss, and increased bone health.

DVT: David Bloom's Silent Killer

The tragic loss of NBC correspondent David Bloom last week in Iraq put three deadly letters in the health headlines - DVT. They stand for deep vein thrombosis, a blood clot that can form in the major veins of the legs or pelvis due to prolonged periods of physical immobility.

Lorraine Bracco Treats Depression On Sopranos And Off The Air

Acclaimed actor Lorraine Bracco, who plays a psychiatrist on the hit HBO series The Sopranos, has partnered with pharmaceutical giant Pfizer to launch an educational campaign called Why Live with Depression? Her goal is to encourage people with depression to seek treatment and provide them with information about depression.

Gisele Bunchen Gives Her Heart To St. Jude's Children

Hollywood has a long tradition of doing whatever it to help children in need. This holiday season supermodel Gisele Bunchen is selling her heart to benefit St. Jude Children's Hospital. "I chose to help St. Jude because first of all, I love kids," says the Brazilian beauty.

Candace Bushnell Celebrates Birth Control Advance

This Sunday's final episode of Sex and the City will close the book on Carrie Bradshaw's urban adventures. But her creator, author Candace Bushnell, is helping open a new chapter in reproductive lives of American women. "In the last 30 or 40 years women's lives have changed profoundly - many women now have successful careers and economic independence," says Bushnell, 45. "The beginning of this journey was the birth control pill which really marked the emergence of women first being able to control their reproductive lives." Data estimates that more than 16 million American women now take oral contraceptives.

Rosalynn Carter Campaigns For Mental Health

When America faced some of its darkest hours, former first lady Rosalynn Carter provided reassurance and hope. And for over three decades now, Carter has provided solace to those engaged in a less visible national tragedy - mental illness. "I saw the situation of how much the people who suffered from mental illnesses needed help.

Lynda Carter Fights For IBS

Lynda Carter gained fame playing Wonder Woman, America's ultimate female superhero. Today she's vanquishing a more insidious villain -- irritable bowel syndrome.

Survivor Doc Writes Prescription For Emergencies

Adrian Cohen's new book, Survivor First Aid, is an easy to understand survival guide that tackles just about every possible emergency. Adrian is the physician who oversees all the contestants participating in the smash reality-series Survivor.

Katie Couric Reports On Colorectal Cancer

As co-anchor of Today, Katie Couric keeps America informed every morning. Since colorectal cancer claimed the life of her husband, Jay Monahan, Couric has dedicated her life to making sure people stay informed about this very preventable cancer.

Jamie Lee Curtis Helps Teens Cope

After her roles in the Halloween movies, teens might be used to Jamie Lee Curtis trying to scare them. But the Emmy and Golden Globe-winning actress has a gentler, more compassionate approach when it comes to helping teens in crisis, especially those dealing with alcohol problems.

"Caring For Those With Alzheimer's Disease", by Emmy award winning actress, Miss Linda Dano

Celebrity Guest, Emmy award winning actress, Miss Linda Dano, discusses her personal experience with her father's battle with Alzheimer's Disease.

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