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DrDonnica.com is a user-friendly women's health information site dedicated to women by a leading women's health expert and advocate, Donnica Moore MD. "Dr. Donnica" is best recognized as the women's health expert on NBC's Later Today Show for its full run from 1999-2000. Previously, she discussed women's health issues as a frequent guest on NBC's Weekend Today Show. Dr. Donnica has done over 200 television segments discussing contraception to infertility and migraines to menopause. Dr. Donnica's voice is now heard daily in the nationally syndicated radio spot "Dr. Donnica's Women's Health Report". She is also a frequent speaker around the country for both consumer and medical audiences on women's health topics.

Whenever Dr. Donnica appears on television, radio, online or in person, she has been amazed by the number of questions women have about their health and the health of their friends and family members. To try to address many of these questions, Dr. Donnica wrote lengthy companion articles to all her NBC appearances, which were posted for several weeks--or even months-- at a time on MSNBC.com. Still, the questions poured in. DrDonnica.com was born out of her attempt to answer those questions in a streamlined way to give women the information they clearly want, need, and deserve.

We regret that Dr. Donnica cannot answer individual questions, although any questions she receives that she has not yet covered she will put on her "to answer" list: these answers may appear in our "FAQ" section if the topic is a common one, as a health topic article if the topic is a very involved one, or even in our guest experts section if a specialist's opinion is necessary. No names or other identifying information will ever be used from unsolicited questions sent to us

DISCLAIMER: Dr. Donnica repeatedly emphasizes--and cannot emphasize enough--that the purpose of this information is for background use only! This is not to replace your regular visits and communication with your personal health care providers, but to enhance and enrich that relationship. Dr. Donnica is not pleased to report that the average physician visit in many settings is now 7.5 minutes--we want the information on this site to serve to make the time you do have with your doctor much more valuable. Our goal will be to make you a better-informed patient--we believe this will make you a better-served patient, as well as a healthier one.

The content on DrDonnica.com will be updated daily, Monday through Friday, as we add the transcripts and audio files of each day's radio segment for "Dr. Donnica's Daily Women's Health Report". Existing content will be edited as needed and other new content will be added. Of course, we will not be able to update all our content daily or even monthly. We have dated each content section for your convenience. Medical information often changes rapidly, so be sure to check the date of each article to see when it was last updated.

Here are some of DrDonnica.com's regular features.

  • Diseases and Conditions: This is where we discuss numerous diseases, disorders and conditions, as well as wellness, vitality, and strategies for healthy living. This section will continue to grow as DrDonnica.com continues to grow.

  • Dr. Donnica's Women's Health Report: Dr. Donnica comments on important women's health issues, research reports, news, and conferences. The site will also list where you can see Dr. Donnica on television or in person. We hope you'll join us online regularly at DrDonnica.com.

  • Dr. Donnica Debunks the Myths: Dr. Donnica's Debunking Myths segments are helpful lists of the myths associated with a variety of diseases, conditions, and issues. Browse the list and click on a title to read Dr. Donnica's answers to some common myths.

  • Dr. Donnica's Decisionnaires™: How do you know when to see your doctor about a certain symptom or if you might be at increased risk for a certain disease? Review these easy checklists to find out.

  • Celebrity Speak Out: Read about women's health issues from the celebrities who have experienced them and have chosen to speak out. We call these celebrities our "Champions of Women's Health"™.

  • Guest Experts: Here you'll find articles on a variety of women's health issues, written by specialists with a wealth of knowledge to share.

  • Frequently Asked Questions: Isn't it great to know that the burning question on the tip of your tongue is often asked by others?--and the answer is easy to find on DrDonnica.com.

  • Top Tips: Dr. Donnica's Top Tips provides you with helpful hints on managing conditions, preventing illness, and even how to choose a gynecologist. Browse the list below and click on any title that interests you.

  • Fast Facts: Dr. Donnica's Fast Facts are just that -- quick lists of facts and figures related to a variety of diseases and conditions.

  • News Alerts: From time to time, Dr. Donnica will give you news alerts of pressing women's health issues.

  • Women's Health Champions: You'll be happy to know that there are a lot of women out there (and men, too!) doing incredible things in the pursuit of women's health. There are also quite a few women with remarkable achievements to their credit despite battling potentially debilitating conditions. Dr. Donnica's Women's Health Champions provides you with their stories.

  • Dr. Donnica's Women's Health Resources: This is the place for links, books, and other sources for the women's health information you want, need and deserve. Dr. Donnica gives her personal review of these sources and provides easy access for you to order them from amazon.com or other sources. DrDonnica.com receives a small commission from amazon.com sales when entered from our site; this money goes directly to support running DrDonnica.com.

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