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Welcome to Dr. Donnica's Decisionnaires Center. Here you'll find a complete list of Decisionnaires- those useful checklists that help you to remember your symptoms, risk factors, or questions for your next visit with your health care provider. You can browse the comprehensive list of Decisionnaires or search for a specific topic.

Abdominal Pain Decisionnaire
A decisionnaire that will help you understand the questions your physician or emergency room physician will ask when seeking medical attention for abdominal pain.
Alzheimer’s Disease Decisionnaire
Do you or a loved one have the warning signs of Alzheimer’s disease? Determine whether you are at risk for Alzheimers by taking Dr. Donnica's decisionnaire.
Arthritis Decisionnaire
How do you know if you have arthritis? Take Dr. Donnica’s Decisionnaire ™. Check off all the points that apply to you and take this list with you when you consult your physician.
Breast Health Decisionnaire
Take Dr. Donnica’s Decisionnaire ™ to see if you have a lump that your doctor should evaluate- sooner rather than later. Check off all that apply and take this list with you to consult your physician.
Choosing A Gynecologist Decisionnaire
Different women need different things from an Ob-gyn, and most women's needs change throughout their lives. Use Dr. Donnica's Decisionnaire to help you determine how to choose the most appropriate gynecologist for you.
Do I—or Does My Child--Have CFS?
The diagnosis of CFS is based upon having four or more of the following symptoms in addition to the first one (which is required for the diagnosis), and having no other medical problems to explain these symptoms.
Eating Disorder Decisionnaire
Eating disorders are increasingly common in young women, but often concealed from loved ones. Take Dr. Donnica’s decisionnaire to become aware of the signs of anorexia nervosa or bulimia.
Enhancing Fertility Decisionnaire
If you think infertility has affected you, see your physician sooner rather than later. Your chance for a healthy pregnancy may be much more successful if begun early.
Fibroid Decisionnaire
How do you know if you have fibroids? Take DrDonnica's Decisionnaire to help your physician determine if your symptoms are consistent with fibroid disease.
Headache Decisionnaire
Most women with migraine suffer for 3-4 years before seeking medical attention! This is unnecessary!
Healthy Women Over 40 Decisionnaire
If you are a woman over age 40 and if any of the following 7 items can be checked, it’s time to schedule your next doctor’s appointment!
Heart Attack Decisionnaire
Complete a check list about heart attack to discuss with your physician.
How Can you Participate in a Clinical Trial?
Questions to ask your physician if you want to be in a clinical trial.
How Do You Know If You're a Candidate for Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)?
One of the most difficult decisions for menopausal women is to decide whether or not hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is for them. To help you decide, check off all of the descriptions that apply to you, and take this with you when you visit your physician.
HPV Decisionnaire
How Do You Know If You Need An HPV Test To Prevent Cervical Cancer? Taking this Decisionnaire ™ will help you discuss this with your healthcare provider.
Hypertension Decisionnaire
Are you at risk for hypertension? Even if you don't have high blood pressure yet, pay particular attention to the factors which are under your control.
Incontinence Decisionnaire
If you are experiencing incontinence or bladder leakage, talk to your healthcare provider. Taking this decisionnaire may make things a bit easier.
Menopause Decisionnaire
If you think you are menopausal, see your physician sooner, rather than later. Your symptomatic and long-term treatment may be much more successful if begun early.
Migraine Decisionnaire
Any person—adult or child—who has “the worst headache of my life”, that does not resolve with standard over-the-counter therapy, should contact their physician immediately.
Osteoporosis Decisionnaire
We hear a lot about “risk factors” for osteoporosis. To find out if you are at risk, take Dr. Donnica’s Decisionnaire™ for Osteoporosis
PMS Decisionnaire
If you think you may have PMS, start keeping a PMS Symptom Diary. Dr. Donnica discusses possible symptoms of this very common disease.
Postpartum Depression Decisionnaire
What are the symptoms of post-partum depression?
Premature Menopause Decisionnaire
How Do You Know If You Are Experiencing Premature Menopause?
Secondary Infertility Decisionnaire
How do you know if you have secondary infertility? If you think you do, see your physician sooner rather than later. Your chance for a healthy pregnancy may be much more successful if begun early.
Social Anxiety Disorder
Social anxiety disorder is characterized by intense anxiety, fear and self-consciousness in social situations. Also known as social phobia, social anxiety disorder is one of the most under-diagnosed anxiety disorders.
Thyroid Health Decisionnaire
If you have fatigue, plus two or more of these symptoms, or a family history of thyroid problems, see your physician sooner rather than later and ask if you should be tested.

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