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Hope Award

Welcome to Dr. Donnica's Press Room! Wondering what the print media has to say about Dr. Donnica's work? You can read about Dr. Donnica's activities in the Dr. Donnica In The News segment, or check up on the latest information in the News Releases From Dr. Donnica segment. Browse the lists below and click on a title to read the full article. You can also click here to find out about Dr. Donnica's television appearances, or click here to learn more about Dr. Donnica's daily, nationally syndicated women's health radio report. Reporters interested in interviewing Dr. Donnica Moore regarding this website or any women's health issues, please click here.

Dr. Donnica Returns to “The View”
July 16, 2009

Dr. Donnica Moore, Editor-in-Chief of Women’s Health for Life and host of DrDonnica.com will reappear on ABC's "The View" Thursday, July 16, 2009 to discuss a topic relevant to all women: "Aging Healthfully: Preventive Tips and Simple Steps”. "Our bodies’ health—particularly as we age—requires that we take precautionary measures to strengthen ourselves. By incorporating a few simple steps into your daily routine, you can help turn back the clock and limit the effects of age-related damage,” says Dr. Donnica. Specific topics to be discussed include bone loss, dental enamel loss, and skin damage. For the complete article, click here.

Moore keeping busy with new book, TV appearances
March 16, 2009

This article from New Jersey's Courier News (3/16/09) discusses the launch of Women's Health for Life, team written by a group of leading women physicians and edited by Donnica Moore, MD. Now available for pre-order on amazon.com, the book will be in bookstores nationally in early April. Click here to view Dr. Donnica discussing the book, why it was written, and how it should benefit all adult women. The article also discusses the latest E! Entertainment Special in which Dr. Donnica is featured, "Top 15 Hollywood Tragedies".

Donnica Moore to be featured on E! special
August 15, 2008
When E! Entertainment Television was looking for a doctor to share their opinions on the "10 Most Compelling Mama Dramas" earlier this year, it called Donnica Moore."(The show) was about all kinds of celebrities who had various medical problems either related to pregnancy or the post-partum period," explains Moore. On the program, the Far Hills resident spoke about Britney Spears' assorted issues and the accidental heparin overdose of Dennis Quaid's newborn twins.So when the network was looking to do another special, this time on the "10 Most Shocking Mental Disorders" (which airs at 9 p.m. Friday, Aug. 15), Moore was at the top of their list. And after speaking to her for just a few moments, it's not hard to see why.

Dr. Donnica on The Tyra Banks Show
November 5, 2007
On Monday November 5, Tyra asks the question "Why are we so afraid to talk about what's up...down there?!" Dr. Donnica is one of three women's health experts who answer Tyra's and her guests questions on this important and provocative topic.

Dr. Donnica Partners with L'EGGS SHEER ENERGY® on Leg Health Awareness for Women
October, 2005
L'eggs Sheer Energy® announced it is designating October as National Leg Health Month in an effort to encourage women nationwide to become more aware about leg wellness. National Leg Health Month includes the numerous leg health awareness and educational initiatives in partnership with women's health expert and advocate Dr. Donnica L. Moore. "Leg health is something women take for granted," said Dr. Donnica. "Ironically, most women are more concerned about having better looking legs than having healthier legs. In fact, women need to know that strong, healthy legs will always be more glamorous," she added.

Dr. Donnica Featured in Expert Interview with WELCOA
September, 2005
WELCOA President Dr. David Hunnicutt interviewed Donnica Moore, MD, to discuss the challenges women face when balancing the multiple demands of work, life, family, and health.

Dr. Donnica Returns to "The View"
June, 2005
Dr. Donnica Moore, President of Sapphire Women's Health Group and host of DrDonnica.com will reappear on ABC's "The View" Thursday, June 9, 2005 to discuss a topic relevant to all women: "Is Your Period Normal?" "The average American woman will have approximately 450 menstrual periods in her lifetime. While few women really look forward to this, most women have concerns if their periods are earlier, later, heavier, or lighter than usual. Most women generally become accustomed to what is "normal" for them, but are not fully aware of the menstrual variations that fall within the complete range of normal," explains Dr. Donnica.

Dr. Donnica Discusses Cervical Cancer Vaccine on GMA
April, 2005
Dr. Donnica Moore, President of Sapphire Women's Health Group and host of DrDonnica.com will appear on ABC's "Good Morning America" tomorrow, April 7, 2005 to discuss exciting data about the cervical cancer vaccine in development just released in the medical journal Lancet Oncology.

Dr. Donnica to MC Women's Health & Counseling Center Imperial Ball
October, 2004
The Women's Health & Counseling Center (WHCC) of Somerville will honor Judy C. Lewent, Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and President, Human Health Asia of Merck & Co., Inc. at its annual Imperial Ball to be held on Saturday, November 20. Dr. Donnica Moore, the WHCC's honoree for 2002, will serve as the Master of Ceremonies for the event and will present the award to Ms. Lewent.

Dr. Donnica becomes "Doc on Call" for First for Women Magazine
August, 2002
Donnica L. Moore, MD has become the regular columnist for the "Doctor on Call" feature of the popular women's magazine, First for Women. Covering reader questions from migraine to menopause, contraception to childbirth, and hormones to heart disease, Dr. Donnica addresses the broad spectrum of women's health issues in her reader-friendly fashion.

Dr. Donnica Featured in Interview with Welcoa's Absolute Advantage Magazine
Sept, 2003
Dr. Donnica was featured in the cover story article of the special issue of the Wellness Council of America's magazine, Making Women's Health A Priority: Striking a Balance Between Work, Life and Health. Dr. Donnica adressed Medicine At Work, speaking out on the challenges women face when balancing the demands of work, life and health.

Dr. Donnica Featured in Princeton Packet Women in Medicine Supplement
June, 2003
Dr. Donnica was featured in an article called "Moore Medicine" as one of New Jersey's outstanding women physicians in a magazine supplement to the "Princeton Packet" newspaper.

DrDonnica.com highlighted in issue of Health Magazine

November, 2001
DrDonnica.com was highlighted in the Nov. 2001 issue of Health Magazine (p. 94) in their "Medical Notes" section: "Cyber Checkup Wondering if that breast lump is anything to worry about or if that killer headache was actually a migraine? Head on over to www.drdonnica.com and click on "Decisionnaires" for a checklist of symptoms and risk factors for a variety of health concerns. If you need to see a doctor, print the list and take it along with you as a reminder of what questions to ask."

Women's Center Presents Inaugural Award to Alumna and Student
February 26, 2001
Dr. Donnica was honored by the Women's Center of Princeton University, her alma mater, with their first annual "Alumni Leadership Award".

Dr. Donnica featured in Mademoiselle Magazine
February 1, 2001
Dr. Donnica was one of 4 gynecologists featured in the latest cover feature of Mademoiselle magazine (Feb. 2001): "The 12 Questions You Should Ask Your Gyno--Now". In it, Dr. Donnica and 3 other leading gynecologists answer common--but embarrassing--questions about vaginal discharges, oral sex, bikini wax, using birth control pills to skip your period, tampons, periods, and STD's. A separate section of the article discusses "What every good gyno will do: Dr. Donnica explains how to recognize a good doctor."

Dr. Donnica Selected as one of the Most Influential Forces in Healthcare IT
October 11, 2000
The cover story of this month's Advance for Health Information Executives announced their selection of "The Most Influential Forces in Health Care Information Technology". Dr. Donnica Moore, founder and President of DrDonnica.com was one of only 15 individuals selected for this honor.

Women in Medicine -- Tenacity's Reward
September 15, 2000
Dr. Donnica is featured on the cover of the Sept. 2000 Women in Medicine Magazine. In the cover story, "Top Docs: Three Women Show Us How It's Done", Dr. Donnica talks about the importance of sticking to your goals and the struggles she faced as a woman in medicine.

"Young Entrepreneurs", Princeton Alumni Weekly
February 25, 1998
Dr. Donnica was featured in a cover story of the Princeton Alumni Weekly Magazine covering in depth interviews with 5 young entrepreneurs who graduated from Princeton. The article focused on the company Dr. Donnica founded in 1997, Sapphire Women's Health Group, and her goal to "do well by doing good". The cover artwork is a characature of those covered by noted cartoon artist, Henry Payne.

Dr. Donnica On Heart Healthy Holidays
November, 2004
Dr. Donnica Moore is a regular columnist for the Wellness Council of America (WELCOA) newsletter "The Well Workplace". In recognition of the fact that heart disease is the number one killer of men and women in the United States, Dr. Donnica's article, "Heart Healthy Holidays" is on the cover of their December 2004 issue.

Women's Health And Counseling Center Honors Nationally Renown
Dr. Donnica Moore At Gala

October, 2002
2002 Imperial Ball Raises to New Heights as Celebrated Women's Health Expert Chosen As Honoree for Fundraising Gala.

Dr. Donnica on Overactive Bladder in the NY Daily News
September, 2002
Dr. Donnica Moore was the featured guest expert in the New York Daily News "Spotlight on Health" column. Today's topic was "Overactive Bladder: There's Help For You".

DrDonnica.com Launches Clinical Trials Listing
March, 2002
The Clinical Trials Center includes general information about clinical trials participation, and now lists specific on-going clinical trials looking to recruit women.

MomMD.com Selects DrDonnica.com
October, 2001
MomMD®, the online community for women in medicine, has selected DrDonnica.com as the first recipient of its "MomMD Spotlight Site of the Month" seal of recognition.

New Survey Reveals Surprising Information About Health and Intimacy
June 4, 2001
Thirty-seven percent of sexually active adults polled in a new nationwide survey of people with bladder control problems report that their sex lives are directly affected by their condition.

More Ink, Less Pink
April 1, 2001
Women make up 52 percent of the US population. They are not a niche market, and shouldn't be treated as such. Dr. Moore discusses issues related to pharmaceutical marketing to women, focusing on women's healthcare products in Pharmaceutical Executive magazine.

Local Infertility Specialist, Dr. David Adamson, Featured on New Women's Health Web Site
December 13, 2000
Dr. David Adamson, a nationally known infertility specialist and Medical Director at Fertility Physicians of Northern California (FPNC), is currently a featured Guest Expert on DrDonnica.com, the new women's health web site launched by Dr. Donnica Moore.

Ladies First: eHealthcareWorld Prescribed a Forum to Help Save Women's Lives
December 8, 2000
A number of influential women have chosen eHealthcareWorld as the venue to address many outlets attempting to utilize the Internet to maximize women's health.

Keep Your Holidays Happy, Healthy and Headache-Free
December 8, 2000
As seen online at KidSource OnLine. Noted Women's Health Expert Offers Solutions to Common Holiday Season Headache Triggers.

Dr. Donnica's Women's Health Report
September 25, 2000
For the first time, a nationally syndicated radio program will address women's health concerns; a review of issues, symptoms and situations to help your listeners stay in touch with the latest medical information and news.

National Women's Health Expert Launches Daily Radio Report To Educate Women about Health Issues
September 22, 2000
Noted women's health expert and gynecologist Donnica Moore, MD, will take her vital information and advice to the airwaves with the launch of DrDonnica.com.

The Mother of All Headaches
May 14, 2000
This year, give mom a Mother's Day gift that will last well beyond May 14, improve her health and allow her to spend more time doing the things she loves--helping her manage her migraines. According to experts, the most severe type of headaches--migraines--are three times more prevalent in women than in men.

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