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Welcome to Dr. Donnica's Debunking Myths Center. Dr. Donnica's Debunking Myths segments are helpful lists of the myths associated with a variety of diseases, conditions, and issues. Browse the list and click on a title to read Dr. Donnica's answers to some common myths.

Arthritis Myths
Dr. Donnica debunks 5 common myths about arthritis.
Bladder infections Myths
Dr. Donnica takes a look at the myths surrounding bladder infections and UTI's and answers questions based on these myths.
Cholesterol Myths
Dr. Donnica debunks common myths about cholesterol.
First Trimester Pregnancy Myths
Is it true that if you have bad morning sickness, itís a girl; mild or none and itís a boy?
Flu Myths
Can you get the flu from the vaccine? Dr. Donnica debunks this myth and many others about influenza.
Headache Myths
Dr. Donnica debunks four common myths about headaches.
HPV and Cervical Cancer Myths
Common Myths, Misconceptions, and Misinformation About HPV and Cervical Cancer
Incontinence Myths
Is it true that incontinence is not a disease after all, but simply a
Menopause Myths
Read about common misconceptions of menopause. Learn that symptoms of menopause, like any other disease or disorder, can be treated.
Migraine Myths
Just because migraine is common doesnít mean that itís normal. Despite the out-dated myths that migraine is ďall in your headĒ, it is a real, legitimate, biologic syndrome that can be prevented, treated, and managed.
Myths About Fibroids
There are several myths about fibroids. The first is a great relief to debunk- the myth that fibroids lead to cancer. In fact, 999 out of 1000 fibroids are not cancerous.
Myths About Postpartum Depression
What is sound scientific fact, and what is a medical myth? Dr. Donnica helps you see the difference between the two as she debunks the myths about postpartum depression.
Osteoporosis Myths
Common Myths, Misconceptions, and Misinformation About Osteoporosis
Pap Smear Myths and Misconceptions
Do you need a Pap smear if you've had a hysterectomy? How about past menopause? Dr. Donnica debunks common myths about Pap smears.
Premature Menopause Myths
The most common misperception is that POF (premature ovarian failure) just isnít a big deal. Upon hearing of this condition, many who are not affected react with nonchalance saying, ďI wish I could get out of having my periods 10 years earlier!Ē
Secondary Infertility Myths
Dr. Donnica debunks 9 myths about secondary infertility.
Sleep Myths
Dr. Donnica Debunks the Myths About Sleep
Third Trimester Pregnancy Myths
Dr. Donnica debunks 9 myths about the third tri-mester of pregnancy.

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