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Dr. Donnica's Top Tips for Success On The Atkins Diet (controlled carbohydrate diet)

  • Do not view this as a "short-term" fix:  view this as a long-term lifestyle change.
  • Set REALISTIC weight loss goals that you can achieve; you can always set a new one once you reach that goal.  I recommend that the first goal be no more than to lose 10% of your original body weight.
  • Like embarking on any new journey, read the book!  This is the "instruction manual" for how to "do" this diet properly. . And successfully. 
  • Drink PLENTY of water:  at least 10 glasses per day.
  • Take the recommended vitamins and dietary supplements:
    • A general multivitamin
    • Calcium with Vitamin D
    • Omega 3 fatty acids/fish oil
  • If you become constipated, take a fiber supplement, a stool softener, or a laxative. . And increase your fluid intake, vegetable intake, and exercise.
  • Exercise helps!  The more the better.
  • If you are hungry, eat-just make sure it's something on the low carbohydrate list.
  • Try to eat a small snack before you are really hungry.
  • Keep cooked meat in the refrigerator that can be quickly microwaved or eaten cold when in a hurry.
  • If you are traveling or going somewhere which may not have low carbohydrate food choices (e.g. the movies, a party, an airplane) either eat before you go, or bring your own food with you.
  • When eating in a restaurant or hotel room service:  tell the waiter up-front not to bring any bread, pasta, rice or potatoes-these items are often served without being mentioned on the menu.
  • At home, try to be creative about varying your diet:  variety is the spice of life and will decrease your likelihood of letting boredom cause you to stray from your goals.
  • If you "cheat" or fall off the bandwagon, don't despair, and don't give up.  Just get right back to your plan as soon as possible.

  • Created: 10/24/2003  -  Donnica Moore, M.D.

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