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Breast Health Center

Wondering if breast self-exams really make a difference? Looking for more information on mammograms? Dr. Donnica's Breast Health Center can answer these questions and more. Browse the list below and click on the links to read articles, FAQ's, Decisionnaires, and radio transcripts, or to listen to specific Women's Health Reports.
Do Birth Control Pills Increase Your Risk Of Breast Cancer?
Breast Self Exam: What You Can Do To Optimize Your Breast Health
Clinical Trials for Women
New Medicines In Development For Women
Today on DrDonnica.com
Debunking The Myths About Breast Cancer: Common Myths, Misconceptions, And Misinformation About Breast Self Exam
Hormone Replacement Therapy Increases the Risk of Breast Cancer
Is There A Blood Test For Breast Cancer?
Lung Cancer Deadlier Than Breast Cancer For Women
October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month
The WHI Findings on the Risk of Breast Cancer with Postmenopausal Hormone Therapy
Barriers To Mammography
Cervical Cancer
Clinical Trials For Women
Debunking The Myths About Birth Control Pills
Dr. Donnica’s Top Ten Tips for Staying Healthy
Five Year Survival Rates From Cancer
Happy Ground Hog’s Day
Healthy New Year’s Resolutions
HRT Increases The Risk Of Dementia
Lung Cancer Awareness Week
Nipple Discharge
One Small Step
Risk of Ovarian Cancer in Women with BRCA Mutations
Save Time: Stay Healthy!
The Dangers Of Cigarette Smoking
The State of Gynecologic Cancers in the U.S.
Valentine’s Day is for Lovers
Wear Jeans To Work Tomorrow!
Breast Health Decisionnaire
Healthy Women Over 40 Decisionnaire
Frequently Asked Questions
Breast Cancer And Antiperspirant Use
Breast Cancer Detection
Breast Cancer Genetic Test
Breast Cancer Treatment
Estrogen & Breast Cancer
HRT And The Risk Of Breast Cancer
Implants and Mammograms
Insurance for Mammogram
Mammogram: What to Expect
Birth Control Pills & Cancer Risk
Breast Cysts
Cancer And Five-year Survival Rates
Cervical Cancer
Clinical Trials
Fibrocystic Breasts, Caffeine and Estrogen
Heart Attack Prevention
Help Finding Free Breast Health Services
High Blood Pressure
Mammography Reliability
Premature Ovarian Failure and HRT
STAR Trial
Guest Experts
Partial Breast Irradiation: The Latest in Breast Cancer Treatment
Black Cohosh: A Safe Alternative For Menopause Symptom Management, by Maida Taylor, MD
Mammography For Women 40 And Over, by Janet D. Allan, Ph.D., R.N., C.S.
Celebrity Speak Out
Melina Kanakaredes Prescribes Breast Cancer Awareness
Mindy Sterling’s ‘Mojo’ Beats Breast Cancer
Ming-Na Prescribes Breast Cancer Awareness
Singer-Songwriter, Soraya, Offers Message Of Hope To Women With Breast Cancer
Miss USA Supports Ovarian Cancer Awareness
Women's Health Champions
"Breast Cancer Can Be Beaten", by Cheryl Greene
"Living With It" - Judy Pickett Is Outrunning Breast Cancer and Setting the Pace for Other Women
"ShopWellWithYou.com: Personal Shopping Service for Women with Cancer", by Emily Spivack
Books & Tapes
Books and Tapes
Health Centers
Breast Health Center
Cancer Health Center
Menopause Health Center
Women's Health Resources
Breast Health and Breast Cancer
Choosing a Health Care Provider
Snoring and Deviated Septums

Listen to Dr. Donnica on Walking on Air with Betsy & Sal
Dr. Donnica Discusses Study of Breast-fed Girls and Breast Cancer Risk

HRT After Breast Cancer Does Not Increase Risk Of Cancer Recurrence Or Mortality

NIH Stops Trial of Estrogen Plus Progestin Due to Increased Breast Cancer Risk

Early Termination of the WHI Estrogen Study

Estrogen and Cancer Risk

Fibrocystic Breasts: Normal or Cause for Concern?
Women’s Wellness
Fast Facts on Breast Cancer

Fast Facts on Mammography

Fast Facts on Ovarian Cancer

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