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Contraception Center

Need more information about "The Pill" and whether it's safe for you to take? Wondering about your birth control options and whether the form you're using is the most effective? Dr. Donnica's Contraception Health Center addresses all of these questions and more. Browse the list below and click on the links to read articles, FAQ's, Decisionnaires, and radio transcripts, or to listen to specific Women's Health Reports.
Do Birth Control Pills Increase Your Risk Of Breast Cancer?
How To Choose Your Gynecologist
Non-Contraceptive Benefits Of “The Pill”
What if the Pill is Not for You?  Reversible Contraceptive Choices
Fertility Awareness And The Rhythm Method
Hormonal Contraceptive Options
Inducing Labor: When Mother Nature Needs Help Making You a Mother Sooner
Intrauterine Devices (IUDs)
The Cervical Cap
The Contraceptive Sponge
The Diaphragm
The Female Condom
The Male Condom
Today on DrDonnica.com
Debunking The Myths About Birth Control Pills
Fibroids And The Pill
The State of Gynecologic Cancers in the U.S.
Trouble Swallowing Pills
Abnormal Pap Smears
Breakthrough Bleeding
Causes and Treatment of Depression
Clinical Trials For Women
Debunking Myths About Fibroids
Debunking Pap Smear Myths
Does Bedding Affect Allergies And Asthma?
Dr. Donnica’s Top Ten Tips For PMS Management
Drug Interactions--What You Should Know
Five Questions to Ask Before Taking Any New Medicine
Give your Medicine Cabinet a Make-over
Going to Plan B?
Hair Loss In Women
Menstrual Migraine
More Pregnant Women Choose Midwives
Myths About Vaginal Health
New Pap Smear Guidelines
New Study Supports Cervical Cancer Vaccine
Non-surgical Sterilization For Women
One Small Step
Ovarian Cancer
Pap Smear Myths and Misconceptions
Save Time: Stay Healthy!
The Dangers Of Cigarette Smoking
The Treatment Of PMS/PMDD
Today is the Great American Smoke-Out!
Vaginal Cancer
What Are Genital Warts?
What Are The Risk Factors For Colon Cancer?
What Is Cervical Cancer?
What is Endometriosis?
What is HPV?
What is Osteoarthritis?
What is Rheumatoid Arthritis?
Who Needs a Pap Smear and When?
Choosing A Gynecologist Decisionnaire
Eating Disorder Decisionnaire
Healthy Women Over 40 Decisionnaire
Osteoporosis Decisionnaire
PMS Decisionnaire
Debunking Myths
Myths About Fibroids
Osteoporosis Myths
Secondary Infertility Myths
Frequently Asked Questions
Absence of Menses While on the Pill
Birth Control Pills & Cancer Risk
Choosing a Gynecologist
Endometrial Polyps, the Pill & Menopause
First Gynecological Exam
Gaining Weight While on the Pill
Give Up the Pill Before the Honeymoon?
How Your Body Changes When You Stop Taking the Pill
Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)
Low Dose Birth Control Pills
Menopause and Contraception
Ovarian Cysts and the Pill
Planning Pregnancy and Discontinuing Birth Control Pills
Pregnancy and the Pill
Sexual Partners and the Human Papilloma Virus
Stopping the Pill Before Getting Pregnant
Taking the Pill to Cause a Miscarriage Does Not Work
The Pill & Bulimia
The Pill and Depression
The Pill and Miscarriages
The Pill and Missed Periods
The Pill Schedule and Pregnancy
Using a Fertility Monitor for Contraception
What to Do if You Have Trouble Swallowing Pills
Breast Discharge
Bumps On The Cervix
Changing Your Menstrual Cycle
Colon Cancer Risk Reduction
Decreased Libido After the Baby Arrives
Emergency Pregnancy Prevention
Estrogen & Endometrial Cancer
Female Pattern Baldness
Getting Help for Early Menopause and Depression
Help for Those in Need of Extensive Weight Loss
Irregular Periods
Loss of Sexual Desire After Hysterectomy
Managing Perimenopause
Menstrual Allergies and Urticaria
Menstrual Migraine
Menstrual Odor
Menstruation, Dizziness and Headaches
Neck Pain with Hypothyroidism and Menstruation
Non-sexual HPV Transmission
Occasionally Absent Period
Osteoporosis at the Age of 34
Ovarian Cancer
Perimenopausal Spotting in a Heavy Smoker
Perimenopause at 31
PMDD VS Bipolar Disorder
Premature Ovarian Failure and HRT
Quick Weight Loss
Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections and Chlamydia
Red Spots All Over
Risk Factors for Heart Attack & Heart Disease, Part I
Rosacea and Desonide Cream
Soy And Acne
Spotting Between Periods
Stubborn Yeast Infections
Thrombophilia Tests
Tongue Pimples
Treating Vaginal Dryness
Vitamins & Constipation
Who Should Diagnose PMDD
Guest Experts
Black Cohosh: A Safe Alternative For Menopause Symptom Management, by Maida Taylor, MD
How to Choose a Fertility Specialist, by David Adamson, M.D., FRCSC, FACOG, FACS
New Transdermal Options in Managing Menopause Allow for Better Individualization of Therapy, by Alan M. Altman, M.D.
The Latest Facts About Premature Ovarian Failure, by Michael Heard, MD
Celebrity Speak Out
Candace Bushnell Celebrates Birth Control Advance
Carre Otis Models Healthy Eating
Fran Drescher Announces Campaign For Women’s Health
Lisa Ling ‘Views’ New Birth Control Method
OC Star Helps Raise Awareness About Teen Pregnancy
One On One Promotes Teen Pregnancy Prevention
Books & Tapes
Books and Tapes
Press Releases
Dr. Donnica becomes 'Doc on Call' for "First for Women" Magazine
Dr. Donnica Discusses Cervical Cancer Vaccine on GMA
Dr. Donnica on "The View"
Health Centers
Contraception Center
General Gynecology Center
Cancer Health Center
HPV & Cervical Cancer Center
Pregnancy Health Center
Reproductive Health Center
Women's Health Resources
Birth Control
Snoring and Deviated Septums

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Can Aspirin Prevent Ovarian Cancer?

Challenge to Eliminate Cervical Cancer Campaign

Condoms Protect Well Against HPV

Dr. Donnica becomes 'Doc on Call' for "First for Women" Magazine
Choosing a Gynecologist

Getting the Most Reliable Pap Results

How To Counteract Bloating

PMS Management
Fast Facts on Emergency Contraception

Fast Facts on Cervical Cancer

Fast Facts on Stroke

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