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Menopause 101

Each day, nearly 5,000 women in the United States and Canada reach menopause, which is simply the end of a woman's menstrual cycle. But menopause means more than just losing your periods. This is a syndrome with clinical symptoms as well as long term consequences. Up to a third of women report no disruptive menopausal symptoms; in others the symptoms may last several years, usually between ages 40 and 55. If you think you are or may be entering this phase of life, see your physician for strategies to help you live a healthy, satisfying life. Click here to read their story.

Enhancing Fertility

Millions of women who would like to become mothers are having trouble conceiving. These women and their partners have heard about every possible intervention, from taking aspirin, to having massages, to highly invasive (and extremely expensive) medical interventions. What really works? Dr. Donnica separates the facts from the misconceptions regarding the non-invasive techniques that have been shown in medical studies to increase the likelihood of conception. Click here to read the full article.

Women's Health for Life
by Dr. Donnica Moore

Available Now!
Written in collaboration with top women's health experts from the United States and Great Britain, Women's Health for Life (DK Publishing, 2009) is now available from online retailers and in bookstores nationwide. To order Women's Health For Life click here. Covering important women's health topics from obesity to ovarian cancer, menarche to menopause, and headaches to heart disease, this highly illustrated hardcover edition is a valuable home reference for all women. Click here to hear Dr. Donnica discuss the book! Click here to join the Facebook Fan page.

Corbin Bernsen Rules in Favor of Asprin

"I've actually already been on a Bayer aspirin regimen for the last eight years or so," Bernsen says. "My dad had a stroke. It's one of those life-changing events. It was right around the time I was turning 40. We were doing LA Law and I got this call that my dad was in Rome and had had a stroke. I want to stress that it wasn't a huge stroke, but it was enough to provide a serious wake-up call." But despite the well-documented dangers of heart disease, studies indicate that only one-third of middle aged Americans (and half of those over 65) are on some type of aspirin regimen and are aware of their risk. That leaves millions of people untreated and in the dark.Click here to read their story.

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Snoring and Deviated Septums

Listen to Dr. Donnica on Walking on Air with Betsy & Sal

Is growing old the end of sex? It shouldn’t be. And in so many ways, we now have a chance to go back to the classroom in order to really understand the importance and health benefits of intimacy as we age. Add menopause to the mix and—especially for women—growing older is a time to go back to the drawing board for some sex education all over again. In a recent episode of the popular new PBS series “Feel Grand”, Jane Seymour interviews Dr. Donnica Moore and Dr. Harry Fisch to discuss topics on sex and relationships from both the male and the female perspective, and the importance of staying intimate as we age. Click here to read more about Menopause and Sex.

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