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pmdd stands for premenstrual dysphoric disorder. it is the acronym for the more severe form of pms (premenstrual syndrome). like pms, pmdd occurs the week before the onset of menstruation and disappears a few days after. pmdd is characterized by severe monthly mood swings and physical symptoms that interfere with everyday life, especially a woman's relationships with her family and friends. dr. donnica describes the difference between pms and pmdd and offers advice for treating pmdd. click here to read her article.

women's health for life
by dr. donnica moore
available now!

written in collaboration with top women's health experts from the united states and great britain, women's health for life (dk publishing, 2009) is now available from online retailers and in bookstores nationwide. to order women's health for life click here. covering important women's health topics from obesity to ovarian cancer, menarche to menopause, and headaches to heart disease, this highly illustrated hardcover edition is a valuable home reference for all women. click here to hear dr. donnica discuss the book! click here to join the facebook fan page.

eikenberry and tucker know the t-score

married actors jill eikenberry and michael tucker played law partners on the television series "l.a. law." but now the couple has partnered in a more important venture -- fighting osteoporosis. ms. eikenberry, a breast cancer survivor, has been diagnosed with osteoporosis and mr. tucker has been diagnosed with its precursor condition, osteopenia. together, they are supporting the national osteoporosis foundation as spokespersons for the "know yourself to a t" campaign. click here to read their story.

coronary heart disease prevention for women
by dr. nanette wenger

coronary disease is the leading cause of death for u.s. women, responsible for over 250,000 fatalities each year. according to our guest expert, dr. nanette wenger, prevention is the key. dr. wenger is chief of cardiology at grady memorial hospital. click here to read dr. wenger's recommendations for reducing your risk of coronary disease.

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snoring and deviated septums

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dr. donnica discusses the benefits of probiotics for women

dr. donnica has partnered with upsher smith laboratories, makers of provella, to talk about the health benefits of probiotics, especially for women. in radio interviews this coming week, dr. donnica will address the many issues women need to consider regarding probiotics. for the complete article, click here.

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